On Saturday 19 September 2020 TTCAN’s Annual general Meeting took place. The AGM was held electronically as a virtual meeting on ZOOM.

The voting members of the AGM are the delegates of the provincial/territorial associations plus the members of the Board of Directors. Ten (10) member associations, including proxies, attended through Zoom or by phone, and all seven (7) Board members were also in attendance for a total of 17 total votes.

Also, in attendance, but without voting rights, were the four (4) members of our staff and the two (2) program managers. The Chair of the meeting, Adham Sharara (President) invited as guests Mike Skinner (long-time TTCAN official), Peter Isherwood (Athletes Commission Vice Chair) and Steve Dunn (ParaTT Committee Chair). Keven Lachaine (Officials Committee Chair) unfortunately could not attend. The invited guests attended as observers without voting rights.


Highlights of the AGM:

  • Chandra Madhosingh was honoured for his long-term service to our sport in Canada.
  • A special funding allocation to the provincial/territorial associations was confirmed and the amounts will be announced soon. This is to compensate the member associations for loss of income of tournament entry fees due to the pandemic.
  • The AGM approved the proposed amended Bylaws as a first step to revising TTCAN’s Bylaws.
  • A new 7-member Athletes Commission (AC) elected by the national team athletes was endorsed by the AGM. The AC is composed of Alayna Chan (Chair), Peter Isherwood (Vice Chair), Ivy Liao (Secretary) and Edward Ly, Joyce Xu, Curtis Caron and Matthew Lehmann as members.
  • The Nominating Committee was confirmed by the AGM with Kevin Murphy (Chair), Gabe Ng and Darek Mikita as members.
  • Three Directors were elected by acclamation with their 2-year term of office to start in June 2021 to respect the new articles of the amended Bylaws. The current mandate of the three Directors was extended until then. Adham Sharara (Chair/President), Najam Chishti (Competitions) and Thorsten Gohl (Marketing).
  • A new modified TTCAN logo will be introduced soon


The Minutes of the AGM can be found under the menu “GOVERNANCE – Meeting Minutes”.

21 September 2020