Table Tennis Canada will be offering National Coach Certification Program sport specific coaching courses this year.


May 03 (Friday) Community Coaching (6-9pm ET)
May 15, 22, 29 Competition Development theory virtually (6-9pm ET)
September 07 (Saturday) Community Coaching Course (1-4pm ET)
September 18, 25 and Oct 02 Introduction to Competition theory virtually (6-9pm ET)
October 05, 06 Introduction to Competition practical virtually/blended (1-6pm ET)
October 16, 23, 30 Competition Development theory virtually (6-9pm ET)
November 02, 03 Competition Development practical virtually/blended (1-6pm ET)
November 8 (Friday) Community Coaching (6-9pm ET)

If you have any questions in regards to the schedule, if you like to host a workshop or if you like to learn more about the National Coach Certification Program (NCCP), please feel free to reach out to Technical Director Marles Martins ( 

Table Tennis Canada is partnering up with our Provincial and Territorial Table Tennis Associations (PTSOs) to host Community Sports Initiation – Table Tennis, Introduction to Competition and Competition Development workshops. The Pandemic hit us all hard and some of our PTSOs don’t have yet the structure or manpower to return to their own coaching development programs yet. Table Tennis Canada is stepping in to help the continuation of the PTSOs Coaching Development in this partnership.


Our Coach Development workshops will be facilitated in a Virtual and Blended environment. All 3 midweek theory webinars for the Introduction to Competition and Competition Development will be facilitated virtually from our offices in Ottawa. The Community Sports Initiation in Table Tennis, Introduction to Competition and Competition Development Practical workshops will be delivered in a Blended environment, combining a virtual “team” facilitation from our offices in Ottawa and local leaders onsite at PTSOs. We encourage each PTSO to form groups to get together in a Table Tennis gym with the proper Table Tennis equipment and the needed IT setup. Our participating PTSOs will take on the responsibility to organize the groups with a leader – somebody already experienced in Table Tennis like a Learning Facilitator, Certified Coach, or a local top player – to be our quality control onsite and to ensure that the participant coaches experience what they need to get their certification. This leader will be in constant contact with Table Tennis Canada Office facilitators during the workshop.


On the administrative side, Table Tennis Canada’s Learning Facilitator will setup an online entry system to manage all entries; create CAC Locker profiles for new coaches; create, populate, and submit for approval all the workshops on the Locker (CAC database system). When the workshops are complete, Table Tennis Canada will report to the partner PTSOs. 


  • Table Tennis Specific Equipment for all workshops
  • 1 table for every 2 coaches ideally, but up to 4 coaches per table is acceptable.
  • Different rackets and coverings
  • Balls (120 balls per 2 coaches) 
  • Baskets or similar ball containers

IT Setup

  • good internet connection
  • camera
  • microphone 
  • screen/projector

 Community Sports Initiation Workshops Extra Equipment  

  • Different sizes soft (foam balls)
  • Balloons
  • Targets (cups, boxes of matches, etc.) 
  • Chalk 

If you have any questions, or would like to sign up for the courses, please contact Marles Martins at