We took some time to talk to Sophia, who won the Gender Equity logo contest. 

Sophia, the designer responsible for our new logo explains “ While designing, I thought of how we shake hands after a match, and I wanted to consider that for at least one of the logos I’m submitting. This design was just a lot of trial and error, and I finally realized that if they’re holding hands, the equality symbol would be crooked, so I settled with this placement of the arms. I was originally going for a handshake, with rectangular bracelets positioned to symbolize equality. 

For me, this design communicates the genders co-existing, working together, agreeing on things, which is what we’re aiming for. I believe it is a collective goal we all want to see accomplished.”

The design was chosen by the Gender Equity Committee. Next steps include working with a designer to finalize the logo and then bring it alive in all correspondence. 

Thank you Sophia and everyone that participated in the contest.