Table Tennis as a discipline at the Winter Games? This is probably only the case in Canada. The Canada Games come every four years where athletes grow together at this massive multi sport event. A highlight for every Table Tennis player. Tournaments are rather rare in the second largest country in the world. The National Championship takes place annually in July. You do not have to qualify for the individual competitions. In 2019, 101 participants registered for the various age groups from the U21 to the O60 seniors. Similar as in Germany, there is a rating system, and the association’s database currently lists around 10,000 players. For comparison: Hockey Canada has a membership base of 600,000 Canadians, this discipline is next Lacrosse the second Canadian National Sport.

Clubs exist between 100 and 120, mainly in the larger cities, where there are some regional competitions. ,,The level of competition is comparable to that of district leagues in Germany, “says Thorsten GohI, Marketing Director for the National Sport Organization with german roots. A nationwide league is not yet in place. The best Canadians compete outside the country, like native Chinese Zhang Mo who is currently playing in St Quentin (France). In December, many of the more ambitious Canadians took the opportunity to be measured by the world elite – when the World Tour in Canada] first stopped. 

The internationally most successful Canadians were immigrants who also played in Germany in the nineties: Wenguan Huang for Steinhagen, Geng Liujan for Steinhagen and Lüibeck.

Until now the Association, that was founded in 1929, did not win an Olympic or World Cup medal. At the North American Championships, the Commonwealth Games and the Pan-American Games, a number of Canadians have already been on the podium, most recently Zhang Mo and Eugene Wang won mixed gold (photo below).

The president of the Canadian association is also known beyond the borders of Canada. From 1994 to 2014, Adham Sharara was also president of the world association ITTF.