Aerobic Table Tennis is very excited to be partnering Table Tennis Canada, in a project to support Women In Sport. 

Aerobic Table Tennis has been running for 10 years, during this time we have engaged over one hundred thousand athletes in many countries. 40% of which, have been women and girls. The programme was started to try and increase female participation in table tennis, to at least introduce girls and women to the sport. 

Steve Rowe said “In 2013 the most amazing thing happened, I travelled to Malta to work with the Malta International Table Tennis Centre. We worked for 3 months visiting girls only schools, engaging 3000 girls in the sport of table tennis.” The fact that that music is used changes everything, girls especially love music, so combining a table tennis activity with music is the perfect scenario.

Seeing groups of girls performing Aerobic TT is an amazing sight, always seeing big smiling faces. With the correct planning, we see working together with Table Tennis Canada, can certainly help Women In Sport, by using the Olympic sport of table tennis. There is no reason at all why women and girls should not play table tennis. Aerobic Table Tennis is a great introduction to the sport and it will certainly help to increase female participation in Canada. 

Table Tennis Canada will post the first out of four segments on what Aerobic Table Tennis is and what it looks like. We will also offer live sessions every week on our YouTube channel. You will find more information on the program on our website at