The vision behind the new Women in Table Tennis logo stemmed from the belief that each female member of our Canadian table tennis community is much more than just a simple label of “woman” or their role of “athlete, coach, official, and/or administrator”. These dynamic individuals each have diverse stories, skills, and characteristics, which we wanted to highlight in this campaign and its logo.
The large block letters spelling out “women” signify the strength and power of our female table tennis community members. The different roles that these members play are highlighted within the letters in red. The numerous adjectives and characteristics that you can read inside the large  letters offer just a small glimpse into who these female members are and how they got to where they are today. Each of these descriptors, including words like “ambitious” and “inspiring”, is connected to members of our female community and have a multitude of stories behind them. In creating this logo and the new Women in Table Tennis campaign, our hope is that the stories of the women in our sport here in Canada can be effectively highlighted so that more people can learn about the impact that these women make and so that our sport can continue to grow and thrive.