The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) invited 20 umpires to a workshop and presented them with the up and coming challenges. Québecois Keven Lachaine took part of those workshops, selected to represent Canada for this event.

“I know that I am still young and I have a lot to learn, but I keep going and enjoy every event that I can participate in. I’m very lucky to have many Mentors in Canada. That is the reasons for my fast improvement. Table Tennis Canada help me a lot and gave me important matches to help me to manage the pressure. Specifically in Quebec, Real Poudrier, Normand Bélanger, Marc Richard, Denis Vigeant and Marzieh Hakimara have contributed to my success.”

Here is an outline of the ITTF initiative.

Afterwards we (members of the ITTF URC) will be leaving this workshop and give them 1 month to do brainstorming as a group. Collecting ideas without restrictions.

  • How would they move forward as ITTF URC?
  • How would they expect a career pathway should look like?
  • Is a semi-professional umpire possible in future – and if yes how should it look like?
  • How can we motivate/integrate young officials?
Keven has some great goals to work towards. “Short term I would like to go to many international events, but I’m a new international umpire so I will have to wait a bit for the big event. In long term I expect to be a Blue Badge and be a part of the World Cup and the Olympic Games.”
What a great way of engaging young umpires and congratulations to our Chair of the Officials Committee Keven Lachaine for being selected.